Reload kit - By Sparrows

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Sparrows Reload kit

Go ahead take it apart. That´s the idea. 
Since day one we have designed all of our brass locks with this kit in mind. 
With the reload you can disassemble our brass locks and rebuild then into something new. 
Spool Pins, Serrated pins and Even MUSHROOM pins are in the set.
Also included are 4 keys that come with 4 different and difficult picking scenarios.

Red - Low High Low Pinning 
Green High Low High Pinning
Black - Make your lock a 6 pin lock - yes all our brass locks are already drilled for a 6 pin picking.
Blue - Big Raker - high to low 

Why does this matter?
High low situations tend to be what give most pickers the biggest head aches.
What often happens in these situations is that while trying to set the high pin you over lift the low pin with your pick. 
When you intended to only pick one pin you end up picking two - and one of them you put above the sheer line.

The Reload set consists of 
One resin plug follower that lets you remove the tail cap and remove the lock core.
Two Mini Pinning mats to hold all the parts 
Four Keys with the 21 bottom proper pins (properly separated and bagged)
Five tail cap pins and springs
Fifteen main pin Springs
Ten Spool Pins
Ten Serrated Pins
Ten Mushroom Pins
One Metal tin to hold it all together.