Dangerfield Pickset

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The lockpicker´s lock pick set. Highly reviewed by specialist sites and recommended by customers alike. When you´re ready to step up to professional quality lock picking, this is the set for you. Designed to provide the perfect professional lock picking experience.

Give your skills the quality they deserve - designed to provide the maximum of feedback so you know what´s happening in the lock. An incredible range of premium quality and professionally designed picks, rakes and wrenches. For the lock picker who is serious about opening locks.

Each set comprises 10 core, essential pieces:

  • Classic Slimline Wrench
  • Pry-Bar Wrench
  • Half diamond Pick
  • Angled Reach Ball Pick
  • Bogota rake
  • Curved Reach Ball Pick
  • High Hook Pick
  • Swerve Rake
  • Prince Rake
  • Princess Rake